PMI Classic Static Rope

The original, Classic Static rope. PMI Classic’s 16 carrier construction is preferred over 32/48 carrier designs for its higher quality and longer wearing characteristics. Our continuous, block creel parallel nylon fiber core construction means you can rely on low stretch and no spin. PMI Classic Static meets the stringent requirements of NFPA and Cordage Institute standards.

Not all ropes are NFPA labeled - order appropriately
to your needs!

Made in U.S.A.
9 mm (5-16")
MBS 4350 lbF - Weight / Meter 53g
Weight of 100' 3.5 lbs.
Product # Description
RR090WB White / Black
RR0900B Orange / Black
10 mm (3/8")
MBS 5200 lbF - Weight / Meter 74g
Weight of 100 feet 4.8 lbs.
Product # Description
RR100WO White / Orange
RR100OW Orange / White
RR100YW Arc Yellow / White
RR100BW Blue / White
RR100RW Red / Black
RR100OX *Retro Orange / Blue
* This color available in lengths up to 92 meters only, click here for RETRO color description
11 mm (7/16")
MBS 6050 lbF - Weight / Meter 82g
Weight of 100 feet 5.4 lbs.
Product # Description
RR110WB White / Black
RR110OB Orange / Black
RR110YB Arc Yellow / Black
RR110BB Blue / Black
RR110RB Red / Black
RR110BL Blue
RR110GD Gold
RR110RD Red
12.5 mm (1/2")
MBS 9100 lbF - Weight / Meter 104g
Weight of 100 feet 6.9 lbs.
Product # Description
RR125WO White / Orange
RR125OW Orange / White
RR125BK Black
RR125RW Red / White
RR125YW Arc Yellow / White
RR125BW Blue / White
RR125BL Blue
RR125GD Gold
RR125RD Red
16 mm (5/8")
MBS 9100 lbF - Weight / Meter 104g
Weight of 100 feet 6.9 lbs.
Product # Description
RR160WO White / Orange
RR160OW Orange / White
RR160RW Red / White
RR160YW Arc Yellow / White
RR160BW Blue / White
RR160BL Blue
RR160GD Gold
RR160RD Red

PMI Classic Tactical

10 mm (3/8")
MBS 5200 lbF - Weight / Meter 74g
Weight of 100 feet 4.8 lbs.
Product # Description
RR100BK Black
RR100OD O.D. Green
RR100JC Summer / Jungle Camo
11 mm (7/16")
MBS 6050 lbF - Weight / Meter 82g
Weight of 100 feet 5.4 lbs.
Product # Description
RR110BK Black
RR110OD O.D. Green
RR110JC Summer / Jungle Camo
12.5 mm (1/2")
MBS 9100 lbF - Weight / Meter 104g
Weight of 100 feet 6.9 lbs.
Product # Description
RR125BK Black
RR125OD O.D. Green
RR125JC Summer / Jungle Camo

PMI Classic Static - Sport

White with colored stripe
Specify (M) for Max-Wear (White / Red Stripe)
or (E) for EZ Bend (White / one Red + one Black Stripe
Product # Description
SR090 9 mm (5/16")
SR100 10 mm (3/8")
SR110 11 mm (7/16")
SR125 12.5 mm (1/2")
SR160 16 mm (5/8")
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PMI Dynamic Rope

For situations where high impact force absorption is a concern and for lead climbing applications, PMI Dynamic rope offers the softest landing. PMI Dynamic ropes are certified in conformance to strict UIAA standards. A wide range of dynamic ropes are available.
Weight per meter:

(11mm) 77g

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PMI Retro Reflective Rope

PMI RETRO is the longest lasting, highest visibility rope you can buy for nighttime operations. PMI uses the highest quality reflective material and a specially dyed yarn to increase visibility in daytime and low light conditions. PMI RETRO rope stands out like a beacon in the darkest night when a light is shined on it. Choose form RETRO Tuff Cord, NFPA labeled RETRO Classic, or RETRO Water Rescue Rope. See respective rope listings for specifications. Maximum length on 10mm is 92 meters.
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Strong and supple 100% nylon accessory cord. Ideal for cordelette, prusik or accessory use. All sizes available in 100 meter spools (328 feet) or by the meter. 6, 7, 8, and 9mm also available in 50 meter (164 feet) spools. Colors vary specify multicolor or black.

Product # Description
CC030 3 mm
CC040 4 mm
CC050 5 mm
CC060 6 mm
CC070 7 mm
CC080 8 mm
CC090 9 mm

Multi Prusik Cord

Same as Multi-Cord (above), but always available in common base colors for color coding of prusiks by length. Available in 100 meter (328 feet) spools, 50 meter (164 feet) spools, or by the meter.
Product # Description
CC070UJ001S 7 mm Yellow per meter
CC070UJ050S 7 mm Yellow 50 M
CC070UJ100S 7 mm Yellow 100 meter
CC070UK001S 7 mm Blue per meter
CC070UK050S 7 mm Blue 50 M
CC070UK100S 7 mm Blue 100 meter
CC080WF001S 8 mm Green / Blue per meter
CC080WF050S 8 mm Green / Blue 50 M
CC080WF100S 8 mm Green / Blue 100 meter
CC080WG001S 8 mm Red / Yellow per meter
CC080WG050S 8 mm Red / Yellow 50 M
CC080WG100S 8 mm Red / Yellow 100 meter

PMI Tuff Cord

This 7 mm cord has a thicker and tighter sheath than PMI Multi-Cord, and makes an excellent rigging accessory cord. It is not recommended for Prusiks, as it tends to be to stiff. Available in 50 and 100 meter spools, or by the meter. Specify Black or Orange / Blue.
Product # Description
SR070BK 7 mm Black by the meter
SR070BK 7 mm x 50 meter (164 feet) Black
SR070BK 7 mm x 100 meter (328 feet) Black
SR070OX 7 mm Orange / Blue by the meter
SR070OX 7 mm x 50 meter (164 feet) Orange / Blue
SR070OX 7 mm x 100 meter (328 feet) Orange / Blue
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PMI Water Rescue Rope

Designed at the request of our customers, this rope is intended for use as a bagged throw rope for boat or shore based water rescue. The continuous stranded polypropylene core provides floatation to the wear-resistant braided nylon sheath. This rope has a higher breaking strength than economy polypropylene water rescue rope, and is much easier to grip. Special RETRO reflective version incorporates reflective material into the sheath to increase visibility during night operations. Available with or without throw bags (H2Throw). Color: yellow/blue.

PMI H-T-O Ultra Dry Classic Water Rescue Rope

Now you can enjoy the strength and elongation properties of PMI Classic Static rope, specially treated for floatability. The only Static rope to be treated with the Ultra Dry process, PMI Classic H-T-O will float for days. Ultra Dry treatment does not affect the strength or other performance characteristics of the rope. NOTE: Ultra Dry is a rope treatment, and while it can last for years even in a frequently used rope keep in mind that heavy abrasion will diminish Ultra Dry qualities. Made in USA.
Product # Description
RR110WB046ED 11 mm (7/16") White / Black, 46 meter
RR110WB092ED 11 mm (7/16") White / Black, 92 meter
RR110YB046ED 11 mm (7/16") Arc Yellow / Black, 46 M
RR110YB092ED 11 mm (7/16") Arc Yellow / Black, 92 M
RR125WO046ED 12.5 mm (1/2") White / Orange, 42 meter
RR125WO092ED 12.5 mm (1/2") White / Orange, 92 meter
RR125YW046ED 12.5 mm (1/2") Arc Yellow / White 42 M
RR125YW092ED 12.5 mm (1/2") Arc Yellow / White 42 M
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PMI Personal Escape Rope

personal escape rope

Firefighters and rescuers who need to "bail out" of deadly situations rely on PMI PER. Two models of PER are available, both UL listed to NFPA 1983-95. PER-1 is very compact (7.5mm) and weighs only 39g/m, but more than strong enough for the job. It also has an energy-absorbing core design to reduce the inevitable shock load of that initial leap.

8mm Classic E-Z Bend is also NFPA 1983-95 Listed and offers greater strength and cutting resistance (53g/m). Sold as a kit with bag and descender UL/NFPA labeled as Personal Escape Rope.

Minimum Breaking Strength -

7.5mm PMI PER:
3,280 lbf (15.52 kN)

8mm E-Z Bend:
4,350 lbf (19.35 kN)

Product # Description
RR075YL001 7.5 mm PMI PER-1,Yellow
RR090WB001E 9 mm E-Z Bend, White / Black
RR0900B001E 9 mm E-Z Bend, Orange / Black

PMI Securelink Swaged Terminations

High strength, no-knot terminations for PMI Classic ropes. These swaged terminations are formed using two Nicopress aluminum sleeves which are applied to the rope using a precision steel die, and are nearly as strong as the rope itself. Ropes may not be swaged after leaving the factory. Only 11mm (white) or 12.5mm PMI Classic rope may be swaged.

Minimum Breaking Strength -

12.5mm PMI Classic:
8,840 lbf (39.32 kN)

11mm PMI Classic:
5,800 lbf

Product # Description
KT36025 Swage, one end 12.5 mm
KT36026 Swage, two ends 12.5 mm
KT36027 Swage, one end 11 mm
KT36028 Swage, two ends 11 mm

PMI X-IT Kit (Basic)

Being stranded at height in a hazardous environment can be deadly. For firefighters, linemen, or any other professional at height PMI’s X-It Kit provides a quick clip-and-go solution. Innovative, lightweight descender is pre-rigged to PMI Personal Escape Line to prevent accidental mistakes in the heat of emergency. Basic X-It Kit contains 20m rope and descender only. Custom rope lengths available on request. . Meets NFPA 1983-95 for personal escape.

Made in U.S.A.

Product # Description
KT36017 PMI X-IT KIT with 9 mm rope and PMI PED
KT36050 PMI X-IT KIT with 9 mm rope and SMC Escape 8
KT36016 PMI X-IT KIT with 7.5 mm rope and PMI PED
KT36049 PMI X-IT KIT with 7.5 mm rope and SMC Escape 8

PMI Deluxe X-IT Kit

Designed especially for firefighters. PMI's Hot X-IT helps to protect your rope against heat damage during emergency egress. In a hot room or flashover situation, seconds count. PMI's nomex Heat-Guard is a heat abrasion resistant chafe guard that helps to protect the rope against flame, adding critical moments to your opportunity for safe egress. Kit includes 20 meters PMI PER-1, 2 yard Nomex Heat-Guard, PMI PED descender, two locking carabiners for secure anchoring and descender attachment, and a compact carrying pouch.

Product # Description
KT36018 PMI Deluxe HOT X-IT Kit


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